Auto Club Karlovac

About Auto Club

Auto Club "Karlovac Karlovac continues to act as the legal successor of the Car-based motorcycle company Karlovac 06.12.1948. vol. In order to achieve objectives and meet the interests and needs of the Automobile Club "Karlovac" directly assist motorized drivers throughout the Karlovac County in the summer season in the whole country and even beyond.

Automobile Club Goals are: monitoring, promoting and achieving protection of the interests of drivers in road traffic and motoring tourism, especially in the prevention of traffic for children ages preschool and school age.

The Association has 3388 members and regularly works on entry into the category; base member, a member of the motorists, motorcyclists, family member or a member of the legal person, and a member with a physical disability.

In the framework of the Association for Driving School, which, since 1972. performing candidates for motorists M, A1, A2, A, B, C, C + E category.

In the technical sector for all members and other drivers of motor vehicles shall be organized and implemented by transport damaged or defective vehicles, vehicle repair workshop, testing the engine and lights and mounting tires. In addition to issuing international driving licenses, permits the management of foreign car abroad, as well as collection and storage of vehicles under customs supervision.